Ford 2010 E450 Diesel 2 bay grooming bus

Murrieta, CA 92562
United States

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Category  Grooming Buses

Ford E450 Diesel Bus: This serves as the base vehicle for the conversion. The E450 is a popular choice for such conversions due to its size and capabilities.

Reduced pricing, now $39,000.

Two Grooming Tables: Electric adjustable tables used for grooming the dogs, providing a surface for grooming tools and for the dogs to sit or stand on during the grooming process.

Stainless Steel Bathing Tub: Essential for bathing the dogs, stainless steel is durable and easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for grooming tubs. The tub has a sliding compartment door making it easier to get larger dogs into the tub.

Fresh Water Tanks: Two 50-gallon tanks provide ample clean water for bathing and grooming activities.

Water Heater: Ensures that water used for bathing is warm, which is essential for the comfort of the dogs and for effective cleaning.

Grey Water Holding Tank: This tank collects the wastewater from grooming activities, ensuring it can be disposed of properly and easily.

Vacuum: Used for cleaning up excess hair and debris during grooming sessions, keeping the workspace tidy. The vacuum has a long hose in the grooming compartment, while the vacuum canister is accessed from the rear compartment for easy debris removal.

Air conditioning unit: The air conditioning unit is mounted on the roof of the grooming compartment and will keep the space at a manageable temperature for both groomer(s) and dog(s).

Generator: The generator provides power for the grooming equipment and other electrical needs while on the go. The 30-amp service ensures it can power all necessary equipment. The generator is currently setup to be operated using propane and can be converted to operate on gasoline. The setup includes two standard 30-amp cables. One short cable to be used to connect the generator to the grooming compartment, or the longer cable can be used to supply 30-amp service to the compartment from a standard 30-amp panel, giving you many options to supply power.

Exterior Compartment: Housing the generator, this compartment is accessible from the outside and provides easy access for maintenance and refueling. The housing also provides a convenient tabletop workspace inside the compartment.

Husky Toolbox and Storage Shelf: Two Husky toolbox storage units are used for keeping grooming tools organized and accessible while the storage shelf is used for keeping supplies close and organized.

Kennel shelf: The two-compartment kennel shelf can be used for either storage or as a safe place for dogs before or after grooming processes.

Foldable passenger bench: The grooming compartment has a foldable passenger bench which provides a safe way to have a second grooming partner while traveling between customer sites.
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