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This is the place to buy or sell used mobile grooming vans, used mobile grooming buses and used mobile grooming trailers.

Greetings and welcome! I'm Stylin' Stella...and this is my site,!!!

This is THE place where buyers, wannabe buyers and sellers of used mobile pet grooming vans, buses and trailers come to meet, shop and compare. You can also use our "I want to buy" section if nothing listed at the moment appeals to you!

This service is COMPLETELY FREE to buyers and sellers. The site’s meager income is from our wonderful dog and cat grooming sponsors. Please visit their websites to see what great things they have to offer the professional mobile pet groomer (and to keep this site FREE).

Under the “Menu” header:
About Us” links you to what I offer the buyer and seller.
Sell My Vehicle” goes to step by step instructions to list your used grooming vehicle for sale.
Wanted to Buy” is for the wannabe buyers of used mobile pet grooming vehicles. If you have the van for them, contact them immediately!
Calculator” will give an idea of your monthly payment if you elect to finance.
Contact Us” link gets you in touch with me.

Listings” lets you browse all the used pet grooming vehicles or focus on a specific type.

The links below the individual vehicle listings allow you to print the listing, contact the potential buyer, to send the listing to a friend (enemies, mothers in law, and relatives are OK too) or to calculate an approximate payment for the vehicle listed.

Mailing List” gets you a quick email when a fresh mobile grooming vehicle gets listed or when a “Special” goes into effect. Put your email address in, click one of the buttons and click “Submit”.

Please read the legal stuff down at the bottom like the privacy policy and the rest. In a nut shell, we won’t sell anyone your name or email address, it tells how to play nice on the site and how to reduce the chance of getting ripped off on any web site- not just ours.

So take your time and look around. Browse the units for sale and read my added comments. You might enjoy my sense of humor-or not!

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